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Garden Features

The Memory Garden is a sensory rich environment to be enjoyed in all four seasons of the year. The Garden creates the opportunity for intuitive connection to the natural world, plants, animal, birds and butterflies and an opportunity to experience the changing of the seasons. As mental function declines, people with dementia operate more on a sensory level, rather than an intellectual level. Therefore, it is important to provide positive sensory stimulation for them to gather information about their environment. The Memory Garden creates a wonderful opportunity for a person with dementia to recall experiences from the past and provides countless subjects for discussion with family and friends.

The garden is accessible: pathways are smooth and low in glare. The center beds are raised for viewing from a wheelchair or without bending. Handrails along pathways help those who have difficulty walking.

The garden is easy to find your way in. The entry to the garden provides a slightly raised overlook area that allows visitors to preview the layout of the entire garden before entering. Once inside, the pathways form loops without confusing dead-ends. Features such as the covered arbor provide landmarks within the garden.

There are lots of places to sit and enjoy the garden. Benches are provided in a circle around the central water feature, and along the outside of the main pathway, providing views into the garden.

Plantings evoke childhood memories. Many plant varieties common in older gardens are featured to spark pleasant memories of the past.

The garden has been planned to stimulate the senses: The rich botanical collection is designed to provide four seasons of sensory stimulation, including plants that are interesting to look at, to touch, and to smell.

Garden art will provide stimulation and points of interest for conversation between caregivers and persons with dementia. These include brightly colored birdhouses, wind chimes, bird feeders, and a bubbling water fountain.

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